Handi Bed – Wood Pellet Bedding

Handi-Bed for Your Horse. Warm Clean and Natural Bedding for your equine friend. Handi Bed wood pellets are clean and green and provide a UK based source of sustainable energy.

Why Choose Handi Bed?

– A dry warm comfy bed for your horse
– Highly absorbent with natural odour control
– Clean & Easy to handle – virtually dust free
– The popular choice of busy horse owners
– Quick to muck out – more time to ride
– Great Value for money

Handi Bed is made from specially selected clean recycled wood that is pressed into pellets, without the use of any chemicals.

Economical compared to wood shavings because a little goes a long way. No Additives, Eco-Friendly & Fully Biodegradable.

Less bulky Waste on the Muck Heap, uses less storage space than most other bedding options.

Handi Bed can be delivered to your door in Small or large orders with full start up instructions for use

Handi Bed comes in 20kg bags @ £6.95 per bag (5 bags minimum order) or £6.75 per bag for 6-20 bags ordered and £6.55 per bag for orders of 21-50 bags. Larger orders can also be accommodated at greater discounted rates.

Special Offer for 2015 …

Free delivery for ALL new customer first orders (of at least 5 bags) throughout 2011. Delivery on further orders will vary according to area and size of order.

Handi Bed is Local and Here To Serve You … To ask us a question, request a delivery quote or to place an order call Jaqui
Phone: 07779 334295
Email: handibedsales@btconnect.com