Going Home Horse Rehab and Rehoming Centre

Going Home Horse Rehab and Rehoming Centre, a not for profit organisation based in Mid-Wales. by Lori Whinn (Powys, Wales, UK)

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We specialise in taking in horses and ponies who have run out of chances due to the economic circumstances of their owner, lack of training, handling and behavioural quirks or just plain bad luck.

Many horses are gifted to us by their owners who have failed to sell them privately or through sales, so it’s either us or slaughter.

We rely on donations and volunteers as well as the sale of fund raising chocolates, which are proving very popular.

When horses arrive, they are allowed time to settle in and then we start their training and health assessments.

  • Going Home Horse Rehab
  • Going Home Horse Rehab
We never sell a horse or pony on, instead they go to long term and well chosen loan homes guaranteeing that they will never again face an uncertain future.

At Going Home we make sure that horses’ are happy and not in pain before we start any work with them.

This means dental checks, worming, vaccinations, hoof trims and a full osteopathic assessment – together with Bowen or Reiki if necessary.

When we’re happy that a horse is ready, we equip them with well fitting tack and off we go with their tailored training programme, in which we use the best of traditional and natural horsemanship.

All of this TLC does not come cheap!

That’s why we only work on a maximum of 7 horses at a time and why we’re always keen to work with volunteers and delighted to receive donations to support our ongoing work.

How Can You Help Our Horse Rehab & Re Homing Efforts

For ‘Going Home’ to be able to continue rescuing, caring and re homing horses at risk, we rely on donations to help us keep up the valuable work we carry out.

We therefore ask if you could please spare some pennies, no matter how modest or generous it all helps. For example;

  • Just £3 would buy a bale of hay which will be enough to feed one rescue pony for a whole week in winter!
  • Or £10 would buy a dose of wormer for a rescue horse who was carrying a high worm burden
  • Or £25 would buy a cosy waterproof rug to keep a rescue horse or pony dry and warm through the winter.

To Donate or for more information contact, Going Home Horse Rehab & Re Homing :
Bryndu, Bwlch y Ffridd,
Newtown, Powys. SY16 3JN

Telephone. 01539 760160
Email. info@goinghome.co.uk