Equestrian Glossary: Horse Terms & Meanings

Equestrian Glossary - Horse Terms & Meanings

A glossary of equestrian terms and the terminology used in horse riding, dressage, showjumping, eventing and other ridden disciplines.

English Riding, Western Riding, Rodeo, Dressage, Showjumping, Showing or just good old pleasure riding, there is a wealth of discipline specific terminology and jargon used.

As a rider and particularly as a competitive rider, learning the correct terms helps you understand what other riders are referring to.

A better understanding leads to increased knowledge and a better ability to learn from the things you read and what trainers, farriers, veterinarians and other equestrian competitors and horse owners are saying.

Common Equestrian Abbreviations.

Table 1.EQ. Common Equestrian Abbreviations

  • AHS Arab Horse Society
  • BHS British Horse Society
  • BHTA British Horse Trials Association
  • BSJA British Show Jumping Association
  • BSPS British Show Pony Society
  • CB Cleveland Bay
  • CHAPS Coloured Horse & Pony Society
  • C/S Cob Size
  • FR First Ridden
  • F/S Full Size
  • HOYS Horse Of The Year Show
  • HT Hunter Trials
  • H/W Heavy weight
  • ID Irish Draught
  • KWPN Royal Warmblood Stud Book Of The Netherlands
  • LDR Long-Distance Riding
  • LR Lead-Rein
  • L/W Lightweight
  • MGA Mounted Games Association
  • M&M Mountain & Moorland
  • M/W Middleweight
  • NF New Forest
  • NPS National Pony Society
  • ODE One-Day Event
  • O/N Open Novice
  • PB Part-Bred
  • PBA Part-Bred Arab
  • PC Pony Club
  • PPC Prince Phillips Cup
  • PUK Ponies UK
  • QH Quater Horse
  • RC Riding Club
  • RCP Riding Club Pony
  • RH Riding Horse
  • RP Ridden Pony
  • SH Show Hunter
  • SHB(GB) Sports Horse Breeding Of GB
  • SHP Show Hunter Pony
  • SJ Show Jumping
  • SP Show Pony
  • TB Thoroughbred
  • TBX Thoroughbred Cross
  • WB Warmblood
  • WH Working Hunter
  • WHP Working Hunter Pony
  • XC Cross Country
  • 3DE Three Day Event

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