German National Dressage Teams for 2010

The German Olympic Committee has announced their National Dressage Teams for 2010. The Championship Squad is the bronze medal winning European Championship team.

The Squads stack up as…

The Championship Cadre:

  • Susanne Lebek with Potomac
  • Matthias Alexander Rath with Sterntaler Unicef and Triviant
  • Ellen Schulten Baumer with Donatha S
  • Monica Theodorescu with Whisper
B Cadre:
  • Anabel Balkenhol with Rubin Royal and Dablino
  • Alexandra Bimschas with Wito Corleone
  • Gina Capellmann-Lütkemeier with Baldessarini
  • Carola Koppelmann with Le Bo and Insterburg TSF
  • Christoph Koschel with Donperignon
  • Anja Plönzke with Le Mont d’ Or
  • Ulla Salzgeber with Wakana
  • Hubertus Schmidt with Donnelly
  • Alexandra Simons-de Ridder with Wellington
  • Sabine Becker with Lamarc WRT
  • Marion Engelen (Kerken) with Diego
  • Ingrid Klimke with Damon Hill NRW
  • Dieter Laugks with Meggle’ s Weltall VA
  • Ludwig Zierer with Weltino

Of the 2008 Olympic team combinations, Isabell Werth recently gave birth to a baby boy, Heike Kemmer’s Bonaparte will be 17 years old in 2010 and Nadine Capellmann has not been competing Elvis VA.