The General Purpose Saddle

The General Purpose Saddle also known as the GP Saddle or All Purpose Saddle is the most commonly used and popular saddle.

It evolved from the jumping saddle and the GP Saddle has knee rolls, although these are smaller than for the jumping saddle.

The panels and flaps are somewhat straighter and the stirrup bars are positioned farther back.

The waist is wider to allow the riders weight to be distributed evenly over a greater area and reduce pressure points on your horses back.

General Purpose Saddle

Used for most disciplines this saddle is an excellent choice if you wish to purchase one saddle to do a range of riding activities.

It is comfortable to hack and sit in and relatively easy to sell second hand.

However, the general purpose saddle is not perfect for competing in all disciplines.

Generally it does not allow the rider to shorten up stirrups sufficiently for Show jumping or eventing.

It can leave a lot of flap in front of the riders knee and over the horses shoulder when performing flatwork or dressage movements

And it is not as comfortable for dressage, tending to push the riders position forward.

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