What Gala Horses Should Look Like

A summary of What a Gala Horse Should Look Like from Xenophon The Art of Horsmanship.

Here, Xenophon explains what a rider should encourage show or gala horses to do when they are on display.

What a Gala Horse Should Look Like (The Show or Display Horse) :
Xenophon The Art of Horsmanship

Xenophon describes a horse with supple legs and a short and powerful body as the best horse for display, because he is best able to achieve a graceful step.

The rider should encourage the horse to lift its legs naturally, without striking at him, and reward the horse when he is successful by loosening the rein.

When the horse has worked hard and well, the rider should immediately dismount and remove the horse’s equipment, again to reward the horse for its efforts.

The leader of any riding troop should also encourage the members of his troop to ride and present themselves beautifully. To be well turned out and expressive.

This can be encouraged by the lead horse stepping out well, as the horses that follow are likely to imitate its behaviour.

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