Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Obstacles

Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Obstacles

The show jumping obstacles utilised in the modern equestrian eventing showjumping phase are a superb test of a horse’s athleticism.

There are many different types of eventing showjumps; aimed at both experienced and less experienced horse and rider combinations.

Eventing Show Jumping Obstacle Heights

Each type of jump should be approached in its own unique way and success requires good knowledge and working experience.

Each obstacle will present the horse and rider combination with a new set of challenges and will really test the partnership and teamwork of the horse and rider.

Maximum Showjump Fence Heights for Relevant Eventing Grades and Levels …
Class/Level Open To Max. Fence Height
Intro horses with no points 0.95m
Pre-Novice Horses with no points 1.05m
Open Pre-Novice horses with some points 1.05m
Novice horses with up to and including 20 pts 1.15m
Open Novice horses with over 20 pts 1.15m
Intermediate Novice Grade II horses with under 46pts or Grade III horses 1.20m
Intermediate Grade II & III horses with up to 60pts 1.25m
Open Intermediate open to all grades 1.25m
Advanced Intermediate open to all grades 1.30m
Advanced open to Grade I & II horses 1.30m

Table 4.BE. Equestrian Eventing Show Jumping Ostacles & Fence Heights

Showjumping Phase

The heights and levels detailed above apply to the eventing showjump obstacles used at top levels of affiliated eventing competitions

However, there are a great many junior or local one day and three day events that are run without affiliation and that determine their own heights based on the equipment they have available.

Individiual eventing competition schedules should be scrutinised closely to ensure you are comfortable with the height of the eventing showjump obstacles being used.