Equine Veterinary Centre Doncaster

Equine Veterinary Centre PersonnelThe Equine Veterinary Centre is totally dedicated to the health and well being of your horse 24/7. We have 4 equine veterinarians, 3 of which have over 10 years experience in treating horses.

The Equine Veterinary Centre has a full range of the most up to date diagnostic equipment including a digital x ray machine (such that images are produced on a monitor instantly), digital ultrasound, endoscope and 3m gastroscope.

We provide a complete ambulatory service where we visit your horse for routine procedures, such as vaccinations and dental care, examination of illness or lameness, castrates and emergency treatments.

Equine Veterinary Centre logoThe practice also has hospitalisation facilities where we conduct more detailed diagnostic investigations perform minor surgical procedures and reproductive services.

The Equine Veterinary Centre
Gap Farm
Moorhouse, Doncaster
South Yorkshire, DN6 7HA

Tel: 01977 652280
Fax: 01977 652279

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The best vets in Yorkshire by: simon marshall
They are the most caring and professional vets i have ever dealt with. The best vets in Yorkshire.