Equine Muscle Release Therapy

Equine Muscle Release Therapy is a Bowen therapy and Bowen is a gentle technique that empowers your body’s own healing abilities.

Gwenn Smith - Equine Muscle Release TherapyAn EMRT treatment consists of sequences of precise moves at specific sites on the horses body, generally only needing 2-3 treatments to clear most conditions.

Does your horse suffer from any of the following …

  • An inexplicable drop in performance
  • Unexplained Resistance
  • Irritability
  • Uneven muscle development or wastage
  • Uneven shoe wear or dragging hind feet
  • Stiffness on one rein
  • Intermittent or unresolved lameness
  • Disunited Paces
  • Sore or Cold Back
  • Filled Legs

If so Equine Muscle Release Therapy may be able to help, where traditional treatments have failed.

So What Exactly Is Equine Muscle Release Therapy?

EMRT™ is a very dynamic technique, which signals the brain to initiate the healing process.

Put simply, these signals are sent via specialised nerve cells found in the fascia or coverings of muscle groups. By applying certain moves over specific muscle areas in a certain sequence, the body receives a message to remove the spasming from that muscle. This gives the body a chance to achieve balance and promotes wellbeing in the whole horse.

The moves applied consist of gentle rolling, sequential moves over specific points of the muscular fascia. Energy flows are stimulated and balanced, encouraging the body to reset and heal itself. This then produces rapid and lasting relief from pain and discomfort.

Equine Muscle Release Therapy has been developed from an understanding that horses, like humans are subjected to stress and strain from performing athletic tasks. If these stresses and strains continue without relief, then there will be a breakdown in the horses body somewhere.

This breakdown may be physical, as in lactic acid retention becoming inflamed odeaemas and spasms, resulting in structural problems as the skeleton is pulled out of alignment by the spasming muscles, or it can originate in the nervous system or be emotional. Each one point to the same thing, that your horse is not in balance.

For more information and a chat to find out if EMRT can help with your horse or yourself, contact;

Gwen Smith, your local EMRT consultant, on 01302 772323 or 07754 664348Gwenn Smith (Wroot, South Yorkshire)