Equihelp Training – 07739 416781

Need help with confidence or training your horse or pony? Equihelp Training has been created to help with confidence issues of both human and equine, horses and ponies can lose their confidence too!
The Equi-Help Crew with Monty Roberts
Equihelp can help with handling & leading, training & schooling, loading and riding.

We use non-violent, pain free methods and we are students and members of Intelligent Horsemanship, training towards the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate.

We have a good knowledge of animal behaviour and psychology and years of experience with horses.

Donna on 07739 416781
Karen on 07908 969439 or
Rach on 07821 856902 or
email us on equihelp@yahoo.co.uk

We are members of the British Horse Society and Intelligent Horsemanship, however we are independent and are not endorsed by either.