The Future of Equestrian Eventing

Or should we now call it ‘The future of Equestrian Triathlon’

The BEF (British Equestrian Federation) on behalf of British Eventing (BE), has submitted a reply to the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) Proposal concerning the future of Equestrian Eventing at the Olympic Games… FEI Eventing Proposal (PDF).

One item in the proposal is for Eventing to be renamed to Equestrian Triathlon.

This based on Eventing being part of the sport of ‘Equestrian‘ at the Olympic Games and ‘Triathlon‘ meaning ‘an athletic contest consisting of three different events‘.

BE it seems feel the FEI’s proposed name change from Eventing to Equestrian Triathlon is the best way to describe the sport and supports the change of name.

So will event riders now become triathletes and event horses triequines?

And will British Eventing be remained to the Equestrian Triathlon Association?

Watch the video above for an eventing overview and to see event riders and horses from 15 nations compete at Blair Castle in Scotland in the FEI European Eventing Championships.CNN Video