Proper Training for Equestrian Eventing is a prime factor as are all the tips & advice you can get

In equestrian eventing most experienced riders will be quite willing to help, if you are friendly they are almost always approachable.Equestrian Eventing - Dressage Cross Country & Show Jumping

In eventing, if you’re unsure of anything ask another event rider, trainer or the event officials; never be afraid to ask.

But, as with all sports, in equestrian eventing the more you know up front the better you can apply the knowledge you have.

Eventing rules are strict, the show jumping, dressage and cross country phases all have their own rules.

Likewise, eventing dress codes can differ dependent on the ruling authority or association.

So, know the rules of your sport and you can concentrate on you & your horse’s performance.

The sport grows in popularity with every passing year, and Local Riding is always adding to and updating our eventing tips and advice section.

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For Equestrian Eventing ensure you choose a trainer that fits your lifestyle and your pocket.

It all depends on your ambition and how much you are willing to make sacrifices to fulfill those ambitions. Eventing is rarely a part time hobby.

Choosing a trainer that suits you and your horse is vitally important. It will ensure you both continually learn and progress.

Your training schedule will be demanding and must be consistent. Lessons need to be structured to the needs of both the horse and the rider.

Photos of local riders on cross country event courses.