The Endurance Saddle in Horse Training

The endurance saddle is almost exclusively used for endurance riding or for long distance riding.

The endurance saddle is very comfortable for both the horse and rider during long periods of riding.

However, the endurance saddle is only suitable for endurance and long distance riding because the rider must ride long.

You have to ride with longer stirrups in an endurance saddle.

The Western Endurance Saddle

The cut of the saddle prevents the rider from shortening their stirrups.

The saddles are usually made with a panel that extends beyond the base of the saddle to spread the weight out over the horses back.

Most will have a padded seat to increase rider comfort.

The saddle pictured right is a western endurance saddle which will provide ultimate comfort for all day riding.

As will a good quality Australian endurance saddle.

The Australian saddle is a very popular choice among equestrian endurance riders.

Good modern endurance saddles are improving all the time.

The Endurance Saddle

The best endurance saddles incorporate pockets to hold water and other personal items, as the torsion treeless saddle on the left.

The torsion saddle is designed to feel like bareback riding, but with the safety, comfort and security of a saddle.

You sit in the movement, rather than on top of a saddle, without the pressure or restriction of a stiff and rigid tree.

As with all other horse tack you should buy the best you can afford and make sure it fits your horse and suits your purpose and what you want to do with your horse.

Local Riding Saddle Options
Make sure you consider all your horse saddle and bridle options to make sure you choose the correct type, size and combination for the sort of work you want your horse to do.