Emma Bellamy Reiki Practitioner

Hi I’m Emma Bellamy Reiki Practitioner, my Reiki journey began in 2005 and I completed a Second Degree in Reiki a year later, which allowed me to become a Practitioner and to take out the necessary insurance requirements.

Emma and SonnyReiki is not only for us to enjoy but our horses and all other animals benefit greatly from Reiki treatments.

Reiki supports all conventional medicine, although it is not intended to replace any medical care or medications

Reiki is a natural and effective therapy suitable for all. I cover Grimsby, Lincolnshire and the Yorkshire areas. Evening and weekend call outs are available at no extra charge.

Ecoflow – Bioflow Magnetics
I became a distributor for Ecoflow plc after myself and many close friends, family, pets and horses all benefited from wearing bioflow magnotherapy products.

The great thing about Bioflow magnotherapy products is that you can buy them, wear them continuously and if you happen to be one of those unfortunate 5% of people, that after 3 months of wear you have not benefited an any way, you will get 85% of your money back.

Simply nothing to lose but your aches and pains!

Ecoflow have now brought out a fantastic range of Beauty products which don’t cost the Earth.

Organic, Fragrance Free, Anti-Ageing, Therapeutic products which are are very affordable and are good for your skin.

I have received great feed-back from suffers who have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis or dry cracked skin.

For more info please contact:
Emma Bellamy 07794 604845