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Angela Hall EMA Equine Massage Academy

Angela Hall is the Founder and Principal of EMA, Equine Massage Academy, based in the North East of England.

Angela offers practical tuition and excellent value for money. Training in the form of One Day Owners Massage Workshops throughout the north-east, these workshops are designed for all horse owners who want to provide the best care for their horses and discover a new equestrian skill at the same time.

Angela HallBy learning a unique combination of equine sports massage, soft tissue release and stretching, horse owners will be able to undertake a full massage on their horse after an intensive 8 hour day of hands on massage tuition.

Angela has also released a Horse & Pony Massage DVD for all owners, it avoids all the technical jargon and simply provides practical and easy to follow techniques.

The DVD can be a constant reference guide for owners as they practice and perfect their massage skills whether they learn solely from the DVD or come along for the expert hands on tuition at the workshops.

When & How should we be Massaging our Horses?

Full Body Massage
Equine Massage Academy DVDTo maintain the overall wellbeing and fitness of the horse, if the horse isn’t going right and may have some stiffness or muscle soreness, to deal with any specific muscle injuries, sore back etc, or simply to enjoy a pampering session with your horse then you would undertake a full body massage using soft and deep tissue techniques which allow you to relax your horse and check all his muscles.

Also you can use lymphatic drainage movements which bring immediate relief from pain caused by muscle spasms or tears.

Pre-competition massage …
Before you compete with your horse or pony or go for that long weekend hack after a week resting in the field, you should perform a pre-competition massage.

This uses techniques to help the horse warm up and suppling occurs after more strenuous exercise.

Have you ever done a burst of exercise, gone to the gym for the first time in ages or gone for a run and then 2 days later felt really stiff and sore? Well that’s exactly how the horse feels when the lactic acid builds up.

Massage helps get rid of this and makes him feel less sore and able to get back into work quicker.

Remedial massage …
This is performed after illness or box rest and focuses on specific areas to help restore mobility and muscle tone which deteriorate with limited exercise.

When your horse returns to a gradual programme of work he will be better equipped. It is also beneficial for their mental wellbeing during such times.

Equally good for our aging or veteran horses who have retired but need to keep supple.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit about equine massage and hopefully it may have inspired you to learn more and get massaging – I hope so.

EMA, Equine Massage Academy, LogoI really want to put the north east on the map in terms of equine massage which was the reason for opening the academy, I want us to live in a region where our horse healthcare is greatly enhanced through massage, all horses love being massaged too so the bond you will have with your horse will be further strengthened.

Please don’t be put off by all the different types of massaging, we use similar strokes for all of the routines with just a little variation: some more gentle, some firmer, some slowly (to relax) and some more rapidly to stimulate.

We can massage from 10 minutes to an hour, in the summer or the winter, it doesn’t matter as long as you incorporate it into your healthcare routine and the more it’s done, the more you and your horse will reap the benefits! So let’s get massaging with the Equine Massage Academy.

Best wishes,
Angela (EMA)