The Dressage Arena Layout & Dressage Arena Markers

Dressage Arena Layout & Markers - hdr

The standard dressage arena is marked using large printed letters placed at pre-designated intervals around the perimeter. This helps the dressage rider or the dressage instructor, to follow the correct path during tests

10 Top Dressage Competition Tips

Dressage Test - Winnie 140811

Dressage tests can be nerve racking and every little bit helps where competition nerves are concerned. A simple check list of dressage competition tips that you can work through before each competition is a must have

6 Simple Dressage Tips to Avoid Losing Basic Dressage Points

Dressage Tips - training and schooling for points

If you can ride down the centre line, halt at X, proceed to C, turn left or right, ride the corner and receive 10 marks for the movement, then your horse is ready for Grand Prix dressage and you certainly don’t need our advice. Losing marks on basic dressage movements is silly when you can use our dressage tips to make sure you don’t

Dressage Tack & Equipment to Start Dressage Riding

Dressage Tack & Equipment to help get started

Having decided to try dressage riding what dressage tack & equipment will you need to get started. Definitely not top end branded horse tack that’s for sure. Wait until you’ve advanced beyond novice before investing in top quality tack and equipment.

A Quick DIY Dressage Arena Layout Guide

A Quick DIY Dressage Arena Layout Guide … How to layout a 40m dressage arena in the middle of a field quickly and accurately using two cheap 50m surveyors tapes and four tent pegs

Dressage Test Tips & How to do well in Dressage Tests

Winning Dressage Test Tips

Use our winning dressage test tips to ensure you do well in your dressage competition and give yourself the best chance of success. To win you must be positive and believe you can. This means being focused before during and after your dressage test

Getting Started in Dressage & Training Your Dressage Horse

Training The Dressage Horse

Training the dressage horse requires dedication more than fancy tack or riding equipment. A decent 20×40 metre riding arena is probably the only truly essential thing you need besides yourself and your horse. Dressage associations will provide booklets about what they do and provide a few tips on starting dressage and training the dressage horse

The Dressage Saddle Benefits & Use ...

The Dressage Saddle benefits & use

The dressage saddle has a straighter flap that allows the horse to move more freely and shows more of the horses shoulder. It also helps the dressage rider adopt the correct dressage position

British Dressage – Prelim 4 Dressage Test 2002

Competitive Dressage Riding - Prelim 4

British Dressage Tests are subject to change without notice – please ensure you confirm details of Prelim 4, with the event organiser before entering a dressage competion. The basic Prelim 4 Dressage Test (2002) is listed here as an aide memoir only

What you should wear at your Dressage Competition

Correct Dressage Attire - hdr

Although you are not marked for your dressage attire, it is still important to project the right image when competing. This is partly because dressage is an elegant sport and competitors attire should reflect this

Dressage Riding Getting Started & What You Need

Dressage Riding - A popular equestrian sport - hdr

Today Dressage Riding is the fastest growing Equestrian Sport and Dressage is no longer seen as unfashionable and simply posing about on horses. Dressage riding is now recognised as correct training, good riding and the basis for all other equestrian sports.

Dressage Secrets – Tips & Advice for the Dressage Rider

Dressage Secrets - Tips & Advice - hdr

Dressage secrets to help make your horse supple, to move in rhythm and amplify his gaits to increase suspension. Tips and advice to ensure you present a fresh, willing, calm but focused horse to the dressage judge. A horse that can win is a horse that has been warmed up properly and is loose and relaxed