Dr Ray Smith Equine Back Muscle and Joint Specialist

Whatever the problem with you or your horse DR Ray Smith can sort it out.

by Dr Ray Smith (Lincolnshire, UK)

Size not a problem all horses catered for

Size not a problem all horses catered for !!

Ray comes from a well known horse background and has lived and worked all over the world with Horses.

He has studied with the Lakota Indians in America, lived with the Siberian Horse people in Russia and studied horse therapy in South Africa.

Because he is a Romani, Ray has a natural affinity with the horse (He and his partner Jane have PASO FINO horses themselves ) enabling him to be respected all over the world.

Ray travels to the USA, Australia, Dubai, Russia, etc working at all Levels from the Race track, to the happy hacker.

Ray Works on 24 hour call out basis and there is no extra charge for a night time call out as he believes that a horse should not have to wait, in pain, until the morning just to save a few pounds.

For example; Ray has successfully fixed, over the years;

Laminitis, Azatoria, Cushings, Dropped pedal bones, Arthritis, Bad Backs, Joint problems, Stiffness, Navicular and many other worrying problems for the horse owner.

Ray offers the following equine back & muscle services ;

All equine back muscle and joint problems including tendons etc.

All are treated using a mixture of methods that are kind and gentle unlike other block of wood and hit it with the hammer methods.

Ray uses a combination of healing, massage, manipuation etc to gain a good result.

Pre and Post event Massage for the horse saddle checking, Behavoural problems, Neurological, Foaling and checking Horses before buying.

Ray can also help with the undiagnosed or unexplainded things that cannot be helped using conventional methods .

On the Human side: Again for all Human back muscle and joint problems ;

  • Pre and post event Massage
  • Sports injury Therapy
  • Healing
  • Counselling
  • Mediumship
  • Relaxation Techniques etc

You can contact Dr Ray Smith on :
Tel: 07790 701876
Mob: 07870 772352 (24hr Call out)

Comments for Dr Ray Smith Equine Back Muscle and Joint Specialist

elsie by: liam hulican
hey ray can u come back out please i need ur healing hands on elsie again as its her whole left side please contact mums fone please thank you
from liam hulican
hardys farm,

please help! by: carys hughes
Hi, what are your prices?

I have just taken on a horse that has an old injury, he was bred to pace and pulled a trap and apparently had a head on crash into another horse and trap.

I just wanted to have him looked over as I want to be able to back him to ride if he has no long term damage. He is only 6 years old and looks to be sound at the moment but I think its best I had him checked by someone who knows what they are doing.

I’m based in Burnley, Lancashire.

Thank you! by: Jo, Ann & Evie
We’d been looking for a horse for some time (Cob, gelding and safe were the main criteria) when Evie (Chestnut T/B Mare)chose us. After doing some research we found out that she had been a polo pony, retired with some serious injuries, produced 4 foals in as many yrs.

She was in a very poor state. She had an old wound on her back that opened up from an ill fitted saddle. When this healed and we tried to ride we had one VERY dangerous horse. Rearing & bucking pretty much in unison.

Ray was recommended by a friend at our yard. He was our last resort. I don’t know what or how he did it … with lots of sceptical onlookers too … but he worked his magic and only a few months later and Evie is back in work! And has even managed to pop a couple of little fences.

Thank you soo much Ray, I’m now having tears of joy instead of despair :) My daughter Ann is also trying to practice natural horsemanship … best of all she now trusts Evie.

I would recommend Ray in a heart beat!

price by: Anonymous
Hi there,
Just wondering what this costs please?

Gods Gift by: very well known showjumper
All i can say is Ray is GODS GIFT to the horse world he has saved me thousands in vet bills on all my horses over the years he has fixed all my horses even flown out when i have been abroad

He knows his stuff better than the vets normally one visit and the magic works. Just wanted to say thanks Ray

Ring me by: Anonymous
Elsie by: Liam Hulican
We had ray two years ago but need him again to my mare

Just ring if you need me

Elsie by: Liam Hulican
We had ray two years ago but need him again to my mare

spanish devil by: andrea
we had ray out to see our Spanish demon as we thought after Ray had fixed him he was a spanish angel no more victor meldrew but the loverble soft boy he is thank you for doing his back and also for fixing mine we both are now A1

bambi by: Anonymous
Ray came to see bambi who was a very naughty boy with me a ex racer …. ray told me that the back was out fixed it and then checked the tack including the saddle he told me the saddle needed re stuffing which i have had done ….. and i have a beautiful behaved boy now that i can ride any where any time
Thanks you Ray
Love from Bambi and Silvia bambis mum

brilliant by: heide lutzuver
Ray cam here to latvia and did all our horses they are a million times more better he is a very good man we will have him again many thank yous to him






Back Genius by: Richard Greer
Ray Smith is a genius with horses backs amongst other things and I recommend him every where I go. He is a valuable asset to my work as a remedial horse trainer. Ring Ray first and save your horse and your wallet a lot of pain.

Really considerate by: Bev Davis
Ray was brilliant. He travelled all the way to Somerset to see my horse and spent hours working on her. Despite advertising his impending arrival I was unable to get him any other customers yet he still came all this way to see to my horse.

His prime concern was to do his best for Freddie and time was not a problem. I would recommend him to anyone who has a problem with their horse as he was able to identify problem areas without any input from me and they could all be linked back to something.

He is a really nice guy who wants to do his best for his customer – both human and equine! – and I would highly recommend him. Only problem is he’s not always easy to get hold of as other countries also require his expertise.

ex race horse to riding horse by: dawn sterland(nee berrill)
I aquired an ex racehorse 24/02/2010 from the equine rescue and rehoming, who they rescued in such poor state, he was off to the slaughter in ireland.

My horse Tyler got transported to me as soon as they rescued him. I was pulling my hair out as i have/been putting all my efferts into sorting him out, due to napping, bucking me off, rearing, when in the end i was thrown off, broke my leg, and un-nerved me, but thankyou to ray, i feel as if i have known him for years, he has worked with tyler from day one, and latest visit was may 24th 2011 and my horse loves him, and he such a lovely person, any time and visit is no problem to him.

I go round the fields on my own now, out on rides on my own, and when my horse plays up, napping, throwing himself around, i know he’s done something, then Ray comes out, sorts him out, and hey i have a lovely horse that i can carry on with. I will never have anyone else.

So thank you to Ray love from Dawn and Tyler ( smeaton lane rugby )

Cushings by: Karen
Thank you thank you Ray for saving my sick horse she had bad cushings i was tearing my hair out , i was given Rays number by a friend three visits later no curly coat and a healthy Horse

Thank you Ray thank you !!!!!!!

Magic hands! by: frederike
I found this site and thought i would give Ray a try we do not have people like him here in Germany. He came and did a few horses here and they are perfect.

My horse had a damaged tendon and a bad back, dropped hip and a few other problems he came and did his magic and also fixed my husbands back

Thank you for flying out to us Ray and doing such a good job.

answer to JC by: ray
Better to ring me and we can discuss it

My Horses back by: JC
Hi, I have had horses for 40 yrs, but I now have my First “Gaited” 7 yr old Rocky Mt Geld. In the last 5 yrs, he’s been through some ignorant owners, including me.

I tried two different brands of Gaited saddles and unknown to me, hurt his back. He has not gaited consistently since I got him in 07′

Feb 10′ was kicked in the left hip, by a mustang mare.
Oct 10′ Hit by Golf Ball sz Hail,and in his frightnd state, also Frac’d his RF coffin bone.

He has had stall rest,and an Egg Bar shoe with clips, Pads for 7 mos. Vet said he is healing well, and ready Now to start a referesher Trng course, and needs a saddle that FITS!

He has a longer than usual RM back, and it is slightly swayed looking to me.

Today, he gaits on his own on lunge line, I am sooo excited to ride him again and feel the real Gaits, but am afraid of doing it all wrong AGAIN,

Can you PLEASE HELP!!??

10* STAR VETTING by: Anonymous
I wish you lived near me. I asked Ray to do a vetting for a pony we wanted to buy, as we have had problems with previous ponies backs. I found him on localriding and thought he seemed very good.

I am so impressed with the report he sent me and how thorough he was. I am sure I would not have got such a thorough examination from a 5 star vetting and he did checks I would have never of thought of.

So if you want a 10 star vetting then I highly recommend Ray because you can buy with confidence.

Thank you Ray

Sharnies back by: maria
Just had to say had ray out the other day and he saw my horse. I thought it was a bad back that my mare had, but Ray checked her over and my saddle, and he found that the renal system wasn’t working properly. He used his magic hands and Sharnie is back on form and I am riding a perfect horse again.
thanks Ray for every thing
He is the best !!

Magic Hands by: Louise
Ray you have changed my horse and my life so much with your care for my sick horse and a full recovery.

My horse was written off by the professionals, but I was told about Ray by a friend who had used Ray and after getting his details from this site I called him, he waved his magic hands and I have a healthy horse again and no more cushings.
Thanks Ray

Dixie by: Elaine Stewart
I got Rays number from this site and booked him. He did a brilliant job and Dixie my mare is now like me … on top of the world again.

Thanks Ray and I shall pass your number out to everyone I know x

This man is an angel in human form by: Angie double
We had Ray out to do our horses and he did a fantastic job, but the best thing is he identified the cause of my bad back. I had physio and went through the NHS route to no avail. Ray told me the area and the problem without me mentioning anything. Ray just scanned his hand over my back without touching it and told me what and where the problem was.

He then treated it, taking about ten minutes (it took the NHS and physio a year) the next day i was a little stiff, but back to my old self, flexible and no pain. That was a month ago and I am still rocking! No pain and no stiffness etc

I think this man is an Angel in Human form. Anyone who has a bad back should use him for their horse and for themselves

Thanks Ray x

GOD SEND by: Pat Stephenson
I found Rays number on the internet and after reading the comments here from different people I decided to contact him about my mares back. My mare does not take kindly to stangers and even less towards men, she is a complete nightmare.

Ray approached her with his calm manner and she was putty in his hands, he healed and manipulated her back in her stable with no problem at all. I think she welcomed his treatment as there was none of the usual rearing and performing.

I took his advise and am much more firm with her and i think, fingers crossed, we are starting to see some results … Thanks Ray

Axels Zinging ! by: Paula
All I can say my Horse is ZINGING after We had ray out to check Axel over The back was out and he found Thrush in one of the hoofs Now sorted by Ray and the horse is as I said ZINGING
Thanks a million Ray for your help !

Rosa by: petra
I must say I was a big sceptic when i called Ray , if it was not for my friends telling me about the wonderful things he had done to the horses they ownded then i would have not bothered.But when he came with his gentle manner and calmed my psychopathic ex racer down with his gentle methods .

He was able without any pressure on my horse to put her back, back in to such an extent that I am once again ridding her and able to do normal things again instead of my Horse Rosa being a wreck in terms of pain and temper.

As ray put it in his own words she is as happy as a hippy on the third day of a pop festival I have my horse back and also he gave me the number of a saddler from his list of every registered saddler in the country.

What a wonderful man i cannot praise him enough I AM NOT A SCEPTIC ANY MORE BUT A BIG FAN!

azzie great again!!! by: donna
ray came to look at my horses back last week. he spent a good hour and a half getting it back right. she had been lame on a hind leg and pretty much written off by my vet. i on the other hand was convinced it was a back issue. i was right,

since ray has been she has been 100 times better, i can even use a rubber curry comb on her back without being bitten! he pointed out that her saddle wasnt fitting right.

today i had the saddler out and got on her for the first time in weeks. she felt amazing, like a rocket about to explode, ears pricked and just a totally different horse.

i would reccommend ray to everyone. he is a lovely guy and fantastic at what he does, thankyou ray from me and azzie

A Magic Man or what !! by: Kira Afansevaya
We had ray out after finding him on this site to see our little welshie, Krusty. My daughters section a was a cranky mare who was walking very very stiff …..

We called ray out and he checked the back and found it was out, he corrected it then he checked the saddle and told us it needed reflocking which we have done.

Now we have no cranky krusty but a fun loving horse who Both our daughters are now riding, I do not know which is the best the horse being better or my daughters beeming smile when she is riding thanks to this Magical Man.

Gemy’s back by: Beverley
My horse gem was in a lot of pain, my saddle fitter told me to get the physio to have a look at her because her muscles weren’t even, when i did this just made her temperament worse and she had bitten me twice quite badly. It was getting to the point where she was afraid of me and I was afraid of touching her.

I had no other choices then my mum found Ray on here. We rang him up and he came to see her a couple of days later.

Ray worked his magic and now she is a little sweet heart. I’ve been taking it slowly with her and have started riding her again…she’s my dream horse again :) and her temperament is sooo much better now that she isn’t in pain.

Thank You Ray
Beverley xx

Victor Meldrew !!! by: Julia
My horses back was so bad I could not get near him, so I called ray out and after a short while his back was ok and I have my old boy back again not the Victor Meldrew I had … and yes I can ride him again

Thanks Ray
Julia x

sound again by: geraldine
We have an ex racer with Lammy, Ray was on the yard he looked at it and did some of his magic, a day later no chronic lammy I do not know how or what he did but it works and my lad is back to work again with no problems.


AT LAST by: Margret
We had a so called mctimony back specialist out and our horse was crippled by this treatment, I was told this man could sort out the damage done by this person.

We contacted Ray and had him out and he not only rectified the damage done by the other so called back specialist but made our horse ten times better than he was before he had problems.

His calmness and kindness to our traumatised horse was a genuine pleasure to watch as he gently took our horse from being a crippled wreck to a fully healthy and functioning horse again He ia a miricle worker..

again thanks from Durham (the gelding ) and his mum Margaret

Holland by: Yanis
Ray came over here to holland for a weekend to work he did several horses and a dog, my own back and a couple of others.

We are delighted to see a master at work and many people have asked him to come back as soon as possible because of the difference he has made to our horses.

I am sure that Ray will be making more and more visits to Holland in the future.

ZENA AND I by: Jaqui T
We had Ray out to see my new Mare he checked her over and found the reason for bucking, he then put her back in and checked the saddle and pointed out where it needed reflocking.

I asked him to check my back as well, he said I had scoliosis. After he did my my back i felt taller and stood better, Pain free.

Both I and my Horse are now riding well. Such an amazing job he did I and my Mare Zena are over the moon and feeling great .

I would reccommend him as he was to me as the man who can fix anything.

SADIE by: Kath
My horse Sadie slipped in the snow and pulled a muscle out in her leg. She was lame, I called Ray and he fixed it there and then. Thanks Ray
from the both of us


by: Maria Joynes
Thanks for comming out on christmas day to see my boy who had injured himself in the snow . He slipped and did some bad damage to himself and the fence
Ray came out , fixed the Injury and helped put the post back up
Thanks again Ray
Maria Joynes

Thank you Ray ! by: carenza
I had a problem with my Cracker mare Quanachea , she wouldnt behave when ridden or load etc I had Ray out he came to me all the way to london from where he lives ,Ray then worked on her and the transformation was instant she rides well and loads . I have since taken her around the park here in central London with great success and she has been exceptional . What would I have done if it wasnt for this exception man .

wowieeee by: megan
Hi he did my mares back last week and what a difference , he did a brilliant job my horse is 100% again and we are riding will tell all to use him

Lump by: jane h
last night I brought my horse in from he field it had been kicked on the chest , he had a lump the size of easter egg it was hard and hot .Perno wouldnt let me touch it so i rang Ray and he was on his way home from after a hard day even though it was around eight in the evening , he still came used his magic hand and reduced the swelling down to a very small size , this morning the swelling has gone and Perno is running around like a two year even though he is thirteen . I dont know how he did it but it works, I would advise any one to use Rayf they have a problem

late foal by: jilly
I was quite surprised today ,we had a late foal from a section A i had bought from a dealer . Ray was on the yard when she started to deliver , she was having problems as it must have been her first foal. Ray delivered the foal for us , a proper James herriot job , shirt off arm in sort of thing .We now have a little chestnut colt .and he is called Ray .

TO RAY THE BEST by: nici smith and kracker
ray came to see my horse as he had problems gettin up onced he’d layed down he spent a long time makin him so much better i cant beleive that he is back to the way he was wen i 1st bought him ray is brilliant in wat he does and very easy to talk to i ended up tellin ray all about my own health problems and he told me i cud contact him any time i needed to talk wat a brilliant pearson ray is iv recommended ray to all my friends and they all said in the new year they were goin to get ray out i will b there as it will b nice to see this brilliant man at work once again thank you ray for everything you did not just 4 kracker but for me aswell your a lovely human being in every sense.

Thanks by: Elena
I have had Ray out to do my back and the horses backs I can bend down now and my horse can also bend without pain . I have booked to see my husband who is a golfer . I was recommended by a friend who had used him to do all the horses on her production yard, she also was delighted , more so when one of her horses did well at Hoys
Just wanted to he was brilliant and so gentle with my horses

sponsored rideby: Anonymous
Thanks Ray for sponsering our charity ride and sorting out my back
Karen s

Merlins magic nowby: Anonymous
Merlin wouldnt let me ride hime he used to buck and throw me off. I was advised by a friend to get a back man . I found Ray on this site his prices was very good he was with Merlin for quit awhile with great Patience . it is a week later and i have ridden Merlin today and it was Magic from Merlin . Thanks Ray

wow!!! by: Janice
Wow is the word , he fixed my little pony when she came over from Germany with a bad back ,
he fixed her back . and she is wonderful now !!!! all i can say is wow .I was warnded about his bad jokes and boy was they bad but funny

Thanks Ray! by: Becky – E.R.R
Just logged on to your website to pass your number on to one of our rehomers and noticed I could post a comment.

I have had Ray out on several occasions to our rescue horses and he always does a wonderful job, sometimes even works miricles……I can now still ride my ex racer that was retired by a large horse hospital anyway which left the proffessor very shocked.

Ray has also been out to me when I lost on of my beloved horses in an accident and calmed my other horse down and helped me.

My horses think Rays a star…..thank you from at Equine Rescue & Rehoming!


Out in the fens we are happy by: caroline
we have had ray out he has done all our horses againn he was recommended by a friend .He was thourgh and good so gentle and patient with our skitso Arab mare . she was putty in his arms and all the horses are 100 percent better . He also checked the saddles and pointed out where one was out we have ad this done and again much improvement . out of a hundred score 100 being top we give himm 110% i do not know how he does it but it works

Cushings by: Sharnie
Just wanted to say Ray has fixed Thunderbolt my section D gelding of cushings I dont know how he did it but has worked I am over the moon and I have a very confused vet

Thanks by: Anya
I have had a pony on loan that was broken in to early , it bucked and kicked etc Just had this amazing man out he has fixed its back . also he checked the saddle all is well now and i can pick up caseys feet which she could not do before he was gentle with her and i think the way she was acting she was falling in love with him

jonty by: Lynn Harrisson
ray has been this morning jonty can walk now his back was out and his leg was swollen , backs ok and no swelling gone from loking like a tree trunk to looking normal.He was so gentle with jonty as he is a rescue case jonty was as relaxed as can be
Thanks Ray

Simply the best!! by: Nikki & Liam
What wonderful man certainly knows his stuff and
All I can say is a heartfelt thankyou, You have made me more determined to push forward with Elsie! You worked wonders and both Liam and myself are extremely grateful, we both promise to keep up the exercises that you have taught us, every day, it was amazing to see the difference in her within a few hours. Phsycologically it will take her time but I have plenty of that to give her, as she deserves a chance in life to show what she is capable of and thanks to you Ray she will get that!
You were absolutely brilliant and have taught me a great deal. I used what you taught me on Curtis this evening as he decided to challenge me on bringing him in he likes to think he’s boss every now and then (typical male ha ha ha)
Thanks for the laughter I am still laughing at some of your jokes, it was great, thanks again will be and have recommended you to other people.
Nikki & Liam

future customer by: Nikki
Well having tried the various numbers I ouldnt get hold of any one but no wonder, I wish you all the best Ray and hope you make a speedy recovery!
I have been highly recommended so will wait until you are back on your feet again!

horse did not die Ray had a heart attack by: Anonymous
The horse did not die he did not see her horses as that morning he was due to go and see them he had a heart attack i know this person called Lis in Portsmouth ,a hot head instead at the time of writting Ray has had two operations in three days Rays partner had enough on before she could notify every one Ray will be back in ACTION at the end of september if all goes well we here at the stud send Ray and Jane our best wishes and a speedy recovery
instead of remarks hperhaps she should have tried to contact JANE TO FIND OUT WHY HE DID NOT COME

Back in training again by: Dougie
Hi I live in south yorkshire and found this site by chance I must say Ray has been to see my Race horses for many years , Last month we had a problem so strange that the VET couldnt work it out , we sent the horse to Newmarket they scanded and did the usual things to no avail ,We contacted Ray he went down to Newmarket for us and diagnosed the problem (He has worked with the vets a few times before) an area no where near the suspected problem it was treated by him and our Race horse is back to his normal self and doing well in his training ,we do not know what it is he does but it works 100%

Hip out now in by: Kerry
what bit of goodluck found ray on this site when looking for a back expert My belgium warm blood ABI put her near side hip out , I rang ray he came over asap and put it back in again and also he sorted my Back out as well, we have also booked him for a night of mediumship next month a man of many talents his partner Jane was a delight to meet as well



My new foal !!! by: Laura
When i could not get the vet out to my mare Ray came out straight away and at 4 this morning he helped my mare willow to foal. Using his talents he managed to pull out a colt. Both mother and foal are doing well. I shall call the colt MAGIC after Ray. thanks ray

one day when my horse was very ill and i was told that i would have to have him put down by the vet as he had renal failure a angel came along called Ray who placed his wonderful hands on my horse called london and after one hour his coat shinded and he was back to his normal self this was two months ago and I have still got my best friend who i ride every day all I can say CARLSBERG DO HEALERS CALLED RAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ray helped me rescue an abused thourabred it was in a right state he has brought this horse back to fitness and found for me a new owner for this horse it is doing well thanks Ray your the best

dropped pedal bone by: Caroline jefferies
hi my horse had a dropped pedal bone ray came 3 times and i am riding again , just thought i would say if you have a problem ray is the one to get xx

slashed leg by: silvia and john brace
our horse came in from the field with a six inch gash on its leg there was a three inch flap of skin hanging off it blood was every where we could see bone ,Luck was with us Ray was on the yard he sorted it out and now six weeks later there is no sign of any injury not a mark at all or even a scar , I dont know what he does but he is so BLOODY GOOD at it

Timmy my lame horse by: Marise Vinet
Today at a local show my horse went lame, Ray Looked atTimmy my coloured horse and fixed it at no charge as he was at the show anyway (his words) he also told me i was going to win and i did !!

Ray and his Partner are such nice people i shall tell all my friends about him and what he can do , and to top it all his Paso Fino won its class after mine

our saviour by: Anonymous
Ray is the best we had had a mc timmony practioner out and she really screwed up our horse the vet was going to put her down we called ray he not only fixed the problem but also the major dameged done by this other so caled therapist
Mandy James

very good by: Martin and Bev
We found ray on this site we live in Canada and we have horses in training in the UK he went to our trainers yard and sorted them all out ,We where impressed so much we have booked him to visit us on his next visit to canada with his partner Jane who travels with him and acts as his PA

Bev and Martin Dzorski

thanks by: Janine
My horse is better thanks Ray I can ride again

our yard and my ex racer by: melisa
Just a quick note to say we had ray out to our yard and he did a very good job my ex race horse is a million times better as is every one else here , thanks from all the horse owners at Duggies yard

gaited horse by: April
Hi we saw Ray at the Gaited horse show at Towerlands He did a wonderful demonstration on Behaviour , Riding and bad backs etc .after his demonstration Ray fixed my back and loaded my excited mare

Thanks by: The Flying Vicars wife
Ray came and saw and fixed not only the ponys back but my back and the Dogs back we can all move better ..100% improvement

just my husband now to fix his knees with all that kneeling (He is a Vicar )

the Fastest pony in the west by: Dave and Cheryl
in December we had a pony with Stiffness of the joints they was so bad he could hardll move so bad in fact we kept him in a stable he was in major pain we had ray out a couple of weeks ago he spent over 90 mins with it told us to keep him in for two days then let himm out .

Ray Rang us a week later and asked about our pony how it was all we could say after letting him out he was feeling so good we could not catch him

Brilliant buit can you come back Ray and teach us how to catch him please !!!!

Fudge by: Carrie
Fudge my daughters pony is feeling a lot better since Ray (the Doctor) visited he sorted out the Thrush, bad back and arranged for fudges saddle to be flocked all is well and Molly my daughter is looking forward to Pony club as Fudge is like a new pony !!

Mango by: Siti
Mangos stifle was out and it was fixed today and all is well I can ride in a couple of days but his movement is now free , the best thing I did was to get Rays number off this site nice chap but oh those Blue eyes of his

Thanks by: Sally
Just wanted to say thanks Ray for fixing my horses back after having chiropractors and other so called back people out who turnded out to be not what they are cracked up to be I rang Ray in desperation and it was fixed in a jiffy and all is well

after 35 years of pain by: Fiona
Just had my back fixed by this Man did my horse then did my back it had been damaged 35 years ago whe I had had a car crash since then Ihave suffered dreadful pain until He fixed it today talk about Multi talented

Shrek the Pony by: Anonymous
my daughter was pleased when Ray came out and treated her pony SHREK he had slipped badly in the field and put her back out he was lame and my daughter was very upset at 7years of age it is more of a major thing at that age I called Ray on the thursday and he called in the next day on his way back home around nine oclock in the evening , he braved the mud wind etc to reach our field to put the horses back back in .Today my daughter was ridding her pony the pony was happy my daughter was happy and so was I !!!

my pony by: Anya
Minnie my horse is a very nervous little thing being a welshie she didnt like traffic of even hose pipes well that was until ray came along and she is a confident little pony now. i cant wait until the new show season starts and also ray took time to fix my bad back .I was surprised also as my english isnt so good he spoke to me in very good Russian

i reccomend him highly to one and all

Christmas Day by: Lesly J
I rang Ray on Christmas day my horse could not get up it had been lying down for three hours and we could not get her to stand up I Rang Ray desperate in the Afternoon He came out with his partner Jane they brought with them some equipment and managed to get my horse standing I was surprised that when he advertised 24 hour callout that it would also would include Christmas Day my horse is ok and like me Happy


My Horse by: Anonymous
Yesterday My horse was killed when it ran out on to the road and my other mare was in a right state like I was.

Ray came out calmed my mare down gave me some solace and comfort as I was distrought and he helped me arrange things today.

Ray travelled out to me on two days and did not charge me he told me at a time like this us Horse people look after each other like in in a herd and would not take any money despite my insistance

I have never met any one so kind and uderstanding and helpful as him.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Billy’s back!! by: billys mum
I Had had ray out last week and my horse Billy is feeling better his back was out due to the saddle not fitting ray not only fixed Billys back and did a saddle check for me and i have had it restuffed and Billy my coloured is like new

Thanks a million Ray

Luv Billys Mum x

Thanks by: boston belle
my horse was suffering form a locked stifle that had been persisting for some while Ray came out to see another horse on the yard I mentioned the problem in passsing and he said no problem lets have a look. A few mins later my horse was walking normal again and has done so for the last week. Thanks again Ray

OMG he is better by: keera
Ray has been to my horse allegra and he is already walking correctly after a car accident that left him dragging his back near side leg this guy is good 5 star

wow!!!!!! by: donna
Ray came out and did a fantastic job my horse is a million times better and he is a fund of knowledge all i can say if you have a horse problem he is the guy to call

What A Star! by: Homeward Bound
A pleasure to watch him work. Ray connected with our very difficult Sec B mare and had her in the palm of his hand! Highly recommended.

Bad Back by: Jan thompson
My Horse had a bad back that had been thrown out by my bad back Ray came and corrected them both and we are once again happy Hackers i would reccommend him to all horse owners a cheery disposition though his healing was better than his bad jokes A++++++++++

no more shivvers on my Horse by: Carol Fincham
My Dutch Warmblood suffered Shivvers and Ray spent a hour with it and the problem has completely disapeared i cna ride hime a again with confidence I highly reccomended him to all