Double Bridle for Cross Country

When can you use A Double Bridle for Cross Country …

A double bridle is permitted in cross country eventing but is rarely used today.

The preference being for Pelhams which are less complicated and have a less severe action if misused, whether intentionally or otherwise.

Strong horse’s benefit from the checking action of the curb (weymouth) part of the double bridle.

But most riders dislike having to deal with two reins, particularly at higher levels where the speed and jumping efforts are higher.

A strong fixed cheek Weymouth would be recommended with an eggbutt bridoon (snaffle).

The Double Bridle

This will minimise movement in the horse’s mouth and minimise any interference from the riders hands, when a strong horse is jumping well.

A well fitted Pelham would be just as strongly recommended for a strong cross country horse.

You can use roundings for a single rein or use the Pelham with two reins if you wish to have the option of a less severe, snaffle rein.

Consider all your horse bit and bridle options
Make sure you choose the correct type, size and combination for the sort of work you want your horse to do.