The Danish Warmblood Horse Breed

Danish Warmblood Horse Breed Characteristics

The Danish Warmblood is a handsome horse breed. Well proportioned and with excellent paces.

Danish breeders have successfully produced a superior competition horse, which is versatile and excels in comparison to many other European horse breeds.

The breed combines strength and courage with a good temperament.

Danish Warmblood’s usually make good dressage horse’s.

Danish Warmblood Breed

Like many other warmblood horses the Danish Warmblood bears a distinctive brand on its hindquarters. Here it is a crown above a wave, which sits above a series of identification numbers.

The Danish Warmblood stud-book was opened in the 1960’s and it is one of the more selectively bred European competition horse breeds.

Danish Warmblood Breed Characteristics …

  • Origin: Denmark.
  • Colour: Black, chestnut, bay or dark brown.
  • Height: average 15 to 17hh.

Quality head; long well set on neck;
Good shoulders with prominent withers; muscular back and loins; long croup;
Strong limbs with long forearms well defined joints with good bone;

The best Danish horses have a Thoroughbred outline that is combined with substance, strength and good legs.


Courageous and spirited, have excellent temperaments, and good, free action.

Good for

Dressage or Cross Country Riding

Interesting Facts about Danish Warmbloods …
Danish Warmblood Matador

Danish Warmbloods often excel at dressage, none more so than the black stallion Matador, who enchanted everyone with his panache and exuberant personality.

Placed fifth in the 1988 Olympic games Matador was out of action for the whole of the following season after a serious operation for a life threatening bout of colic.

In a spectacular come back at the 1990 World Equestrian Games Matador finished runner up to the then Olympic champion Rembrant.

Making his rider Kyra Kyrklund the first Finn to win a medal in any equestrian sport at senior championship level.