Danethorpe Hill Cross Country Course

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Danethorpe Hill Cross Country course is located just outside of Lincolnshire on Danethorpe Lane, Newark. However, it is within a reasonable travelling distance and we really recommend the course, for a safe, enjoyable day out.

Sheila & Fidgit through the Danethorpe Hill water complex

Sheila & Fidgit through the Danethorpe Hill water complex

Clients hire the course through a simple phone call and you can attend as an individual or with an instructor or training group.

No-one is allowed to ride without a second person with them, for safety reasons and there are no dogs allowed as the owners have sheep.

New fences are introduced constantly, ranging from big and tiny logs, to chairs, tables, coffins, steps, banks with arrowheads, corners, trakheners, and a superb water complex with numerous ways to negotiate in and out.

This suits the very novice to very advanced riders and all levels of horse or ponies.

There is also a stretch of steeple chase fences and a new sunken road, many others fences are constantly being built and at the moment there are 50 plus.

Hykeham Riding Club use Danethorpe to host their one day events and their next one day event will be held at Danethorpe Cross Country Course on the 14th October.

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Danethorpe Lane,

Or Call on : 01636 703980

Comments for Danethorpe Hill Cross Country Course

Thanks by: Ashley
I am 10 yrs old and I went round on the one day event with the the blankney pony club and really enjoyed it!!!

Thank you to the people who own the event course!


Fab by: Emma
Fab course love all the jumps through the woods, and the waters ace………

A must …… by: Sheila
What a super course (love it) top marks to Danethorpe for this great cross country course, whether your a novice or advanced there’re fences and obsticles for everyone’s ability.
I’ve rated it 5 stars as it’s a course not to be missed.