Cross Country Clothing for Equestrian Eventing

Proper Eventing Cross Country Clothing

What Cross Country Clothing do you wear at your equestrian event.

Cross Country clothing is informal, and many riders use colours that match some of their eventing horse tack.

Deciding what to wear when competing in the cross country phase of eventing isn’t difficult, so long as you stick to safety rules.

Cross Country Riders are required to wear a protective vest, as well as an ASTM/SEI approved riding helmet, properly fastened at all times when jumping (you may be eliminated if this is not done so).

Cross Country Course and XC Obstacles

A medical armband, containing the rider’s medicinal history, is required for safety purposes, allowing access to the information should the rider fall, knock themselves unconscious and require medical treatment.

Breeches may be any color, with some riders coordinating it with their shirt or vest color.

All shirts must have sleeves, and light-weight polo shirts are most common, usually without a stock tie.

Black or brown boots may be worn. Riding coats are not worn.

Lastly, most riders add a watch to their cross country clothing, to track their time as they travel cross-country so that they can adjust their speed as needed and come in under the optimum time.

Cross Country Course Maps & Photos

International and National Event organisers maintain sites that keep competitors and the public updated on the progress of annual events

They will sometimes have a photographic record of the cross country course and the various obstacles.

Here are just a few we’ve found that do.

Table: ERC.1i Eventing Cross Country Courses