Competing in Horse Shows

Competing at Horse Show Competitions

Whether your goal is to make the Olympic equestrian team someday or just have fun with your horse, attending & competing in horse shows can provide many benefits.

And, the benefits of showing your horse extend far beyond the equestrian world.

Here’s how competing in horse shows can help you in life

Attending horse shows can give you greater confidence in all aspects of your life, and that can help you in your career and life outside the equestrian arena as well.

In fact, building confidence is one of the chief benefits of attending horse shows, and one of the reasons so many instructors try to so hard to get their young students involved in the sport.

Simply entering the arena can be an exercise in confidence building, and winning that first ribbon is an event few young riders will ever forget.

No matter what the placing or how well they do, competing in horse shows is an excellent way for young riders to develop their confidence as well as their riding abilities.

Competing at horse shows

Competing in horse shows is also a great way to stay in shape, and a wonderful way to enjoy a daily workout.

Horseback riding is very much an athletic activity, and riders who are in great shape overall find it easier to maintain the proper position, proper balance and to look great in the saddle.

Working out on a regular basis is a great way for those young horse show competitors to develop their riding abilities, increase their confidence and improve their results.

Those regular workouts are also a boon to overall health, which is yet another positive thing about equestrian competition.

The world of horse shows is full of young friendly people.

And competing in horse shows is a great way for young people to make new and lasting friendships, especially during the difficult teenage years.

Making friends at the horse show

Horsey people do tend to be a friendly and outgoing bunch, and experienced riders are generally happy to share their knowledge and help young newcomers to avoid the same mistakes they made when they were young.

Young people who compete in horse shows often make solid friendships that extend outside the arena.

Hanging around with people who share your passion is always fun, and yet another reason for horseback riders to become horse show competitors.

In addition to the many other benefits, attending horse shows is also a great way for young people to develop sportsmanship and a healthy sense of competition.

There is nothing like competing in horse shows to teach you good sportsmanship, humility and a sense of humor.

If you attend shows regularly, you will eventually experience a time when you are set back on your heels and put in your place. Even if you have a super horse and frequently take home ribbons.

Horses can be unpredictable no matter how well trained they are. When they act up it often takes place in the show ring, with all your friends watching. Learning to handle these upsets with good grace and good humor will serve you well, not only in the riding arena but also in your life outside equestrian