CMM Equestrian Center. Cabot, Pa

CMM Equestrian Center & Events at CMM Equestrian Center by Joan (Cabot, Pa)

CMM Equestrian Center is a state of the art facility in Cabot, Pa.

We provide short and long term horse boarding.

We have 90×200 wireless sound system attached to our indoor arena, a 300×300 outdoor arena, and nice pastures.

Other CMM Equestrian facilities include …
  • 28 12×12 rubber matted stalls
  • 2 heated w/c water wash stalls
  • 2 tack up stalls
  • private lockers
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • full care

CMM Equestrian Center offers a wonderful riding lesson program and horses for lease. We also allow horses brought in for lessons or training.
Events at CMM Equestrian Center

Our riding arena is available for rent for horse shows and equestrian clinics

Contact CMM Equestrian Center:
135 Durango Lane
Cabot, PA 16023

Tel: 724-352-8458

Please contact CMM anytime with any questions you may have.

Comments for CMM Equestrian Center

Our Hearts Go Out by: Karen
CMM and the owners were so great. It is awful that because of an illness it had to close.

The facility was booming and completely full. The owners worked so hard to please everyone going above and beyond. Maybe horses because of the weather ir ice couldn’t get out all the time but they had more fun turned out in the arena than just standing at a gate waiting to come back in. Our hearts go out to them as they were wonderful people who loved every horse.

If you didn’t know them or see CMM you really missed out.
We wish them all the best in their new home.

We call it home! by: Jenny
I recently moved here from Texas and have boarded in several different barns indifferent states. This is by far the friendliest, most caring staffed barn I’ve ever had the pleasure to board in.

I had surgery when I first moved here, so my horse was there on his own for several weeks. They were kind enough to adopt him into their family and make him feel at home and treated him like on of their own. Earl still calls him “his horse”. :)

The facility is well run, clean and maintained to perfection. Their high standards of care are outstanding. I always know my horse is in good hands.

Love it !!!!! by: Kathy
We love it at CMM the place is clean, and our horses get excellent care and turnout weather permitting. Better yet I can get a lesson in any discipline I want to try. If I need help or assistance it is there. I noticed the students having an enjoyable time and a lot of giggling.

This really a great place to board, ride, take a lesson, teach or break your horse, or just spend time, or visit.

You really need to look them up.

AGREE by: Patti
I agree with CMM. I too know who you are and you need to stop. CMM IS GREAT !!!!!

Not True by: Anonymous
You are really being vengeful here. Your comments are not true. No horse has ever stood in urine. The clinician because our system will not handle large groups brought in a port-a-pot. Besides that how many facilities actually have a public bathroom for their boarders and clients. I used many port-a-pots at shows and other facilities.

The previous owner’s of Durango would not agree with you either on our facility, they are great friends and visit our place often. I also do not believe you ever boarded at our facility. If you think you are hurting the reputation of CMM those that truly know us know what you are saying is not true.

We have been informed that you are trying to harm CMM and their instructors, but we won’t mention your name to the public. So please stop and move on.

If asking someone to leave a facility because of being undesirable leads to your vengefulness I feel sorry for your next victim.

I agree by: Janice
I agree with the last comment someone just wants to cause trouble. CMM is the best!!!!!!

Last Comment by: Anonymous
To bad apparently the last person who commented is someone who has a grudge or jealous as they are probably an instructor who because of dishonesty and lying were let go. CMM is the cleanest place in the area and the horses get excellent care. The pastures are always green and the horses are paired up to compatibility. The fences are safe and pastures large. I have been a boarder for years and would never leave. As for instructors they have excellent instructors. CMM goes above and beyond and everyone there are helpful and kind. Anyone who has ever been there knows that last comment is not true.

Fun, Fun, Fun by: Diane
If you enjoy horses but can’t afford your own. Then this is the place to go.

They have great lesson horses and only keep the best instructors. Everyone there is friendly. Small children and adults all go to CMM.

Love It by: Jasmine
CMM is the place to be. The instructors are great and so knowledgeable on all disciplines. Finally a place that can train Gaited horses, or train from ground up. All that and a great place to board. The horses are given the best care and treated with a gentle hand.

The Murrays will do all they can to make you happy and keep your horse healthy and happy.

Best place in Butler,Pa. by: Anonymous
This is the best place around. They have great instructors and it’s one of the friendliest places. It’s clean and the horses love being there.

Down the drain by: Anonymous
Too bad this place couldnt’ make it, no wonder, New trainers in every 2 or 3 months because the place isn’t or wasn’t run well enough. I’ve heard horses weren’t turned out often enough. I did hear the care was good. But all they did was feed and clean stalls. My 5 year old could do that. Hope the next people, who can afford the price tag on the place, will have better luck and maybe take others advice that want to help.

Terrible by: Anonymous
They change instructors so frequently you never know who will be there next. Heard nothing but bad things. Pastures are small and unsafe and they use very little bedding. Wouldn’t take any living animal there.