Canterbury Horse Rescue

Canterbury Horse Rescue

Canterbury Horse Rescue, UK Reg Charity 1101452, has been fighting equine cruelty across the Kent County for the past twenty years.

Our policy is to rescue, rehabilitate and where possible, rehome horses and ponies under our Fostering Scheme.

Every horse re-homed creates a space for another rescue case to be admitted into our care centre.

The main objectives of Canterbury Horse Rescue are:

To relieve the suffering of Horses, Ponies and Donkeys who are in need of care and attention by:

Establishing a sanctuary for the care of such animals and rehabilitate them.

The provision of proper caring homes for the horses in our care.

To educate the public on all matters concerning the welfare of Horses, Ponies and Donkeys

Funding :
The Centre is supported entirely by income generated from “Friends of Canterbury Horse Rescue”, NVQ training, annual subscriptions and a variety of Fund Raising events.

Opening times :
The centre is open Monday to Friday 1pm – 3pm throughout the year. Admission is free.

We hold regular fund raising events, i.e. In-hand /Ridden/ Jumping Shows throughout the summer as well as tack sales to support the centre.

Events are a great experience for young and old.

You can help us make a difference….

Since we receive NO Funding our organisation is kept going by kind donations and sponsorships from people like you!

How can you Help…

There are many ways that you can help; you could:

Adopt a horse/pony/donkey for twelve months for an annual fee of £100.

Become a friend of Canterbury Horse Rescue for the next twelve months for an annual fee of just £50.

Adopt a horse/pony/donkey and become an annual friend of Canterbury Horse Rescue for twelve months for the discounted price of £75

Make an ongoing donation via standing order.

All help and assistance is greatly appreciated.

Contact Us At :
Canterbury Horse Rescue
Boundgate Farm
Shottenden Road
Kent ME13 OJX

Tel: 01233 740730

Comments & reviews for Canterbury Horse Rescue

Adoption fee too high by: Angela
For several years now my husband and I have “adopted a Donkey” at the Sidmouth Donkey sanctuary, but because it is too far away for us to visit we are looking for a Donkey sanctuary in Kent where we could “adopt a Donkey” so that we could visit it from time to time. I was pleased to find your site, then disappointed when I saw how much your adoption fee is

Brilliant Work by: Toni
Today was the first time i have ever visited CHR, it has been on my doorstep, having just sold my cob, Bob, I want to to still be involved and put something back for the enjoyment horses have given me over the years. A worthwhile cause, we need places like this

You are great!!! by: Lily Allen
I love what you do, you should be given a medal for all the hard work you do!

KENT by: John Green
hI GUYS GILL IS RIGHT you will not please all however, the rescued horses you have in your care are in TRUST to the trustees and with the charity you are good at your job and professional especially when it comes to the welfare of equines.If some one signs over a horse to you the charity becomes the owner and you can do the right thing for that equine. so please if you have signed over your horse to C H R they are the owner of it NOT YOU. IF THE CHARITY WANTS TO SELL IT OR FOSTER IT THEY CAN AS THEY OWN IT. thank you by john Green (kent)

the best by: gill bucken
Hi all at C H R you will not please all but you guys are good at your job and when i needed your help with a rescue you made it easy. I know that all the horses that you have are rescued as i have seen all the paper work for them. You are the only rescue centre in faversham and you are a reg charity. please keep the good work going. gill

keep up the good work by: Anonymous
Hi All at C H R you are the best rescue centre keep up the good work that you are doing, you can not pleases all.

verry good by: maisie watson
hi martin and stella i think you do a bloody good job not like some othere so callde charitys keep up the good work

Canterbury Horse Rescue Events 2008 by: Stella
4th May Charity Show Jumping
10th May Open Day and Tack Sale
25th May Charity In Hand & Ridden Show
15th June Charity Show Jumping
29th June Charity In Hand & Ridden Show
13th July Charity Show Jumping
19th July Open Day and Tack Sale
27th July Charity In Hand & Ridden Show
10th Aug Charity Show Jumping
24th Aug Charity Show Jumping
13/14th Sept Charity Open Day with Classic Cars
27th Sep Charity In Hand & Ridden Show
For All Enquiries Please Call: 07928 342531

Canterbury Horse Rescueby Stella King (Faversham, Kent)