California Farrier School, Sacramento

The award winning Northern California Farrier School by Chuck (California, USA)

The Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School, LLC; was established in 1991 in Sacramento, California and we have a firm commitment to each students success.

A firm commitment that sets PCHS apart from other farrier schools.

Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School is the California Farrier School of choice.

Course Length: 8 week program, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. The school is open for extra student work from 7 am to 9 pm seven days a week. No other school offers after school and weekend hours.

  • PCHS Student Getting Down to Work
  • PCHS Forge Area
  • The PCHS Forge Area and a PCHS Student Getting Down to Work

Horses: PCHS does not use ill-mannered, dangerous horses for students to shoe. You cannot learn how to balance a moving foot.

Make sure the horses you work on at whatever farrier school you choose, are going to be the same type of horses you plan on shoeing when you start your shoeing career.

All farrier students need good quality horses that allow them to practice professional skills. The opportunity to shoe 10 horses per day means nothing if you can’t shoe them because they are dangerous

Location … Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School, LLC is centrally located in Northern California, in Plymouth in Amador County.

Contact Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School …

5225 Carbondale Road
Plymouth, CA 95669-9729

Tel: (209) 245-3920
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