Brockholes Farm Riding Centre

Brockholes Farm Riding Centre is one of the largest Riding School’s in the North of England.

A large well-equipped equestrian centre with both indoor and outdoor floodlit schools, three jumping fields and acres and acres of open farmland ideal for taking a ride out.

Brockholes Farm Riding Centre

Whether you are looking for riding lessons, stable management or even just a fun day out, Brockholes Farm has everything you need.

Our Riding Centre enjoys all the facilities at the adjoining Visitor Centre, which include ‘The Barn Cafe’ and equestrian shop.

The novice, experienced rider and all abilities in between are catered for here, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

The Ponies and Horses are carefully chosen for each rider, considering age and ability, which helps every rider to feel confident and in control.

Set in idyllic countryside, yet easily accessible, Brockholes Farm has ideal facilities such as the Barn Cafe’ and Equestrian shop to aid the rider of all experiences.

Facilities :

Indoor riding under lights
A full set of B.S.J.A. fences
A cross country course
Facilities and tuition for disabled riders
A large selection of well-schooled horses and ponies
Individual attention from qualified staff
Special Classes for 5’s and under
Dressage, driving and show jumping lessons
Road safety and stable management training
British Horse Society examination centre and ABRS
Full and part time liveries
Help in buying and selling of horses
Opportunities for hunting & competition riding
Special rates for clubs, groups, schools etc.

Brief Guide To Riding and Riding Lessons :

Types of lesson :
A group lesson is a lesson with a number of riders of a similar standard. A private lesson is on a one on one basis with the instructor and rider. Please accept the advice of the instructor as to which lesson is the most suitable for your ability. As you progress you may be asked to move into a different group

What to wear :
You must always wear a British Standard approved hat, which has a chin strap that must be fastened at all times. hats are always available to borrow from the Riding Centre. Wear shoes or boots that have a small heal to prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup. Stretch trousers or Jodhpurs are the most comfortable to ride in, shorts skirts, sandals, flip flops are not suitable. Always fasten your jacket when you are riding because it may flap up and scare your pony. Gloves are also a good idea, especially in the cold and wet weather.

How long does it take to learn to ride :
There is no set time. Each time you ride you will improve. Being a good rider comes with practice and repetition. Do not become angry or upset if your pony does not do what you want it to do, perhaps you are not giving it the right signals. the better the rider you become, the easier it will be for you to control your pony or horse. You can ride twice a week, once a week or once a fortnight but the more intense the lesson structure the quicker you will learn.

Beginner lessons :
These classes take place at weekends when leaders are available to support new riders during lessons. The class is deigned for the complete beginner aged 5 and upwards. Within this lesson emphasis will be placed on learning to trot steering and building up confidence from riding a variety of ponies. Riders will work towards British Horse Society Progressive tests 1, 2 and 3 in Equitation, special days will be arranged for riders to complete their Stable Management test which will them badges and certificates.

More advanced riders :
We hold Friday night shows during the summer months. We have a well subscribed Pony Club for children aged 3 and above. Dressage competitions are held and we recently opened a cross country course. Special events will be advertised on our –

Contact Us :

Brockholes Farm Riding Centre
Brockholes Lane,
Doncaster, Sth Yorkshire

Tel: (01302) 535057 or 535450

Comments and Reviews for Brockholes Farm :

Was a good place to work by: Anonymous
I worked there as well when Jill owned it and did the riding school side looking after all the ponies getting them ready for lessons. It was a very good place to work and all the horses and ponies were very well looked after.

I have to disagree by: Anonymous
I have to disagree that it was great when Jill owned it.
I worked there when Jill owned it and was beyond shocked at how the horses were treated – one of the main reasons i left.

? by: Anonymous
how much is a riding lesson ive never been before? but would like to try it out

must read this and reply asap! by: Anonymous
yes the riding school was 5 star when jill owned it and the horses were well looked after, maybe done a bit too much work and now neville williams owns it is rubbish. The staff treat the horses badly and hit them with brushes, the fields are up to the horses knees in mud and are overcrowded. Too expensive for the facilities and the facillites are rubbish. The stables have maggots under the rubber matting. Well all i can say is the health and safety and the rspca should go down there and i forgot to say its full of rats !

gr8 horses by: Jacqui
love evrything about brockholes. gr8 horses and terrific instructors. Hoping to move on to advanced riding soon.

Brockholes Farm Riding Centreby Brockholes Farm (Doncaster, Sth Yorkshire)