Bransby Home of Rest for Horses

Bransby Home of Rest for Horses provides safe permanent refuge to horses, ponies, donkeys and mules.

Bransby is a registered equine welfare charity, which has provided a safe permanent home for over 1000 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules since it was established in 1968.

  • Bransby Horse Rescue
  • Bransby The Gangs all Here
  • Happy Grazing Horses at Bransby
  • The Bransby Youngsters

The charity is open to the public 365 days of the year, 10am-4pm, with free admission and parking. Why not come and visit the charity’s many residents, take a stroll along the many designated walkways and learn more about why the horses have come to Bransby. You can also enjoy our interactive quizzes and learn more about the care of horses and donkeys.

There are currently over 270 rescued animals at the Home as well as over 140 placed on our foster scheme.

The main objectives of the charity are rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of equines as well as education of the public in equine welfare and care. The large majority of new arrivals admitted to Bransby are on-going welfare cases.

We work closely with the RSPCA and the Police by helping with the collection and care of these distressed animals. We also provide a home for retired horses, but the large majority of our intakes are cruelty cases.

Facilities at the home include: disabled access throughout the home, toilet facilities with baby changing areas, hand washing facilities, tea room and gift shop, Picnic area, trained first aid staff, Group/Educational tours and talks can be given by prior arrangement.

Bransby Home of Rest for Horses is situated 8 miles from the City of Lincoln and is mid-way between the villages of Saxilby and Sturton by Stow.

For more information, adopt a horse details, up to date news and events please visit our website

Contact Details :
Bransby Home of Rest for Horses
Bransby, Saxilby, Lincoln, LN1 2PH
Tel 01427 788464

Comments for Bransby Home of Rest for Horses

Coming to see Nero by: Katie
I am looking forward to coming to see Nero in the summer holidays and I will ask mum if i can adopt him. He is lovely.

Thank You by: Megan
I have adopted Digit and Sparky and have put the adoption certificate on the wall! It was a fabulous birthday present!

thank you for letting me…. by: chloe age 10
hey to all the staff at bransby thank you for letting me adopt one lovely horse. It was very hard to choose which one because all your horses are lovely.
take care
chloe -x-

our day out by Abigail age 8
I loved my day at bransby the horses that was there was very well looked after, you are doing a very good job, and i would love to come and visit you all again…

Lizzie, My adopted Horse by: Jodie.Frost
Hello to all staff at bransby, thank you for looking after my adoption horse and hope all the horse’s at bransby are doing well at the centre as i know that all staff at bransby are brilliant with the horse’s im coming up this year to bransby maybe april, may to see all the beatiful, Horse’s, Donkeys & muels.

Take Care, J.Frost

Weather by: Rose
Hi , I hope all the horses were able to be in the dry and warm, with all the bad weather you had over there and not to many frozen pipes. A lot of people over here in ireland had no water for 11 days and struggled with watering there animals.I t was very bad .

keep it up by: tanya stanberry
im so glad there are still animal lovers out there if it wasn’t for you not sure where the horses would be right now. so well done my love to all xxx

super by: tattie
i have adopted gemma the donkey and i am looking to adopt sparky. i love how their lives have changed since being at bransby

Horses by: Rose Northey
Hi Everybody, I think you all do a great job and not an easy one. Last time i came there was when you had desert orchid there that was years ago. But i no longer live in the uk i live in southern ireland now. I believe there is 1 or 2 rescue places here but i’v never got to them yet, maybe next year. I love horses and i’v worked with them they are lovely. Please keep up the good work .

Yours Faithfully

Bransbury is Great by: Anonymous

But please try not to give money to unregistered charities because it is these charities that take over and the registered ones get left behind and forgotten.


rescue needed for horses in sanctuary by: Anonymous
A horse sanctuary in the south of england, is in desparate need of help.

The lady who runs it is called Sara Ross of the Horse Refuge in Tenterden kent,they have eighty horses in need of a new home.

The horses will be put down unless help is found as the owner wants to sell and the horse sanctuary will be closed.

Could you help, contacting other sanctuaries to see if they could help also, in giving the horses a home.

Please please try to help. I wish to remain anonymous as I have no connection to them.

fiance by: Anonymous
If it wasn’t for you at Bransby.. where would these magnificant creatures be…. thank you

well done bransby by: Anonymous
i have been to bransby home of rest and i must say that i am very satisfied by the way that the horses are being cared and looked after so a very good job to you guys xx

coool by: Anonymous
great place horses are really nice and there in really good shape

Long Time Supporter by: Debbie Price
I first read of the home in a newspaper article. I have loved horses all my life and was happy to read of their selfless work. If you can help in any way then please do. There are various ways to
help. I save stamps and purchase a calender every
year. Every Little Helps!!

3 hours well spent by: Anonymous
I am the manager of a care home for the elderly and my clients love going to Bransby. They enjoy touching and stroking the animals, and would go back time and time again. They also like just sitting having a drink and watching the world go by. Thanks for a very nice place doing very good work.

Keep up the good work by: Wendy Lee-Elton
Used to visit this place when I was a kid, would cycle 6 miles to get there and back and used to spend day wandering round fields looking at all the horses and ponies. Bransby really deserve your support.

You just can’t fault it by: RJ
The gang looks happy as larry.

Obviously dinner time or there’s a big scary rabbit in the bushes at the back.

Terrific service and I hope you continue the good work for always.

Bransby Home of Rest for Horsesby Sheila (Saxilby, Lincoln)