Ashen Equestrian Centre & Livery Yard

Ashen Equestrian Centre Suffolk

Ashen Equestrian Centre resides on the borders of Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Our speciality is the holistic approach we take to ridden coaching and equine management.

We are keen to ensure improvements to horses and riders are long-lasting and achievable, both at home and in competition.

Ashen Equestrian Centre Combines a welcoming atmosphere with excellent facilities including;

  • 20′ x 60′ Hydro-Gel Arena with Judges Box & Show Jumps
  • Class/Lecture Room with Kitchenette, Toilet & Shower
  • Decking overlooking the Arena
  • Large Rubber Matted Loose-Boxes with Individual Covered Turn-out
  • Workshop for Qualified Saddler and Saddle-fitter
Ashen Equestrian Centre by Becky Chapman (Sudbury, England)
Photo below shows the Ashen Equestrian Centre Schooling Arena

Ashen Equestrian Centre has a small and quiet livery yard with large, loose boxes with individual covered turn-out, good parking and picturesque hacking.

Ashen Equestrian Centre Schooling Arena

Part Livery :

Ashen E.C. will provide for all the day-to-day needs of your equine Includes; mucking out, grooming, hay, bedding & use of the arena

Starting, Rehabilitation and Schooling Livery at Ashen Equestrian Centre

Ashen E.C. will provide for all the day-to-day needs of your equine as above PLUS Exercise, 6 days on, 1 day off including; Schooling, ground-work and hacking Owners are welcome to visit their horse and to observe schooling sessions

Holiday Livery – Book for when you’re on holiday & come home to a fit, schooled horse. Very effective when combined with Residential Training or Courses

Contact Ashen Equestrian Centre

Pannells Ash, Ashen
Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 8JU

Tel: 07900 436110

Comments and Reviews for Ashen E.C :

Dear Becky, Just a quick line to say thank you. I learnt more in two days than in the previous six months. I have worked as a trainer/coach in various fields with some world class trainers and in my opinion you are a very good teacher, you have a passion for your field and a desire to get information across to benefit your students and your ego doesn’t get in the way. I was impressed by how you have developed your centre which is a credit to you. I look forward to working with you again … P.Clark

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our Simulator Sessions. We gained a lot from having a lesson on such a “school master” and your tution was great fun and informative…. J.Thomas

Hi Becky, just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for such an interesting, informative (and relaxing) course…you attract a really great bunch of honest and open minded people. We came away with a greater understanding and it’s onwards and upwards from here…. K.Cevan

Hi Becky, Thanks once again for a fab course…Everytime I come to your yard I have a personal life change too…my riding manages to improve – must be a testament to your coaching…. K.Gomez