600 miles of Trail Rides & the Stunning Hoosier National Forest make Horse Riding in Indiana truly unforgettable ...

These days we ride horses mainly as a hobby, but also for equestrian competitions. In Indiana in particular, horseback riding is a very popular recreation activity.

Indiana has more than 600 miles of horse riding trails.

If you have your own horse you can spend some quality time trekking the Indiana trails including the 100 miles of marked trails in Clark State Forest and the various trail rides through Hoosier National Forest, which has around 266 miles of trails.

And even if you don't have your own horse, you can still try horse riding in Indiana, as you can borrow one from the State Park saddle barns. A very affordable and useful facilitiy, where the horse's know what they're doing.

For the slightly less adventurous rider, there's still loads to choose from. Equestrian centers, riding schools and every other form of equestrian facility can be found in every part of the state.

Indiana State Flag

Indiana Facts

Indiana was the 19th state added to the union, and is also known as the ?Hoosier State.?

The capital of Indiana is Indianapolis, which is also the most populous city in the state.

Indiana?s climate is quite enjoyable, with cool winters and warm, humid summers.

The Indiana landscape is made up of rolling plains, large valleys, and fertile farmland. There are also many rivers, notably the Wabash and the Kankakee.

These features make horse riding in Indiana a breathtaking experience.

Breeds & Types of Horse in Indiana

Indiana has many breeds of horse available for riders to choose from.

Some of the breeds found in Indiana include Quarter Horses, Miniatures, Paints, and Warmbloods.

Once equestrians have chosen their favorite steed, there are hundreds of riding trails to choose from in Indiana.

The Hoosier National Forest is home to numerous horse trails, such as the Birdseye Trail, the German Ridge Trail, the Oriole Trail, and the Shirley Creek Trail.

There are 100 miles of marked trails in Clark State Forest

The excellent Blue Horse Trail can be found in the Owenputnam State Forest.

Horse Shows & Events in Indiana

Horse riding in Indiana is not only limited to trails, parks, or forests; there are a wide range of horse-related events for every age, interest, and ability level.

The Indiana Classic Horse Show takes place at the Hoosier Horse Park.

Fans of quarter horses can attend many shows year-round, including the IQHA Winter Circuit.

The Hoosier Horse Fair attracts Indiana's finest horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Additionally, Indiana has rodeos available for riders of any age. Young riders seeking excitement can attend the Indiana Junior Rodeo, while more mature equestrians can take part in the Hoosier Rodeo.

Top Indiana Equestrian Centers

Anyone horse riding in Indiana needs facilities for horse boarding, for riding lessons and particularly for the occassional exciting equestrian competition. Luckily, Indiana is home to many equestrian centers that can provide these services, and more.

Riders in northern Indiana can visit the Hilltop Farms Equestrian Center, as well as the Shooting Star Equestrian Center. The Carmel Equestrian center is just one riding school serving equine fans in the central part of the state; and southern Indiana riders can utilize Sunny Acres Stables or the Rocky River Equestrian Center.

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Horse Riding in Indiana gives you a wonderful sense of how terrific the state really is.

With Indiana's variable climate and breathtaking landscapes, horse riding in Indiana is a truly wonderful experience. In addition to the wide variety of horse breeds, and the plentiful horse riding trails; the state also offers numerous horse shows, equestrian events and competitions, as well as top quality equestrian centers in nearly every part of Indiana. So; If you feel like horse riding in Indiana, you really won't be disappointed.