A Healthy Pregnant Mare - Premarin Horses

Hormone Replacement Therapy - An Equine Nightmare

Premarin is a hormone replacement therapy drug produced by Wyeth-Ayerst. Its active ingredient is urine from a pregnant equine mare. Because equine urine contains high levels of estrogen. A Premarin filly foal has a less than one in 10 chance of not going to slaughter, a colt foal less than one in 50

Horse Fitness Training - gear it towards what you expect of your horse

Improving Horse Fitness & Getting Your Horse Fit

Whether your intention is to simply hack out, compete at riding club shows or to progress up to advanced eventing, it is important that your horses’ fitness is increased in a gradual and consistent way. Slow and steady is the key to getting your horse fit for the job you want it to do.

The Cross Country Course Obstacles

The Cross Country Course in Equestrian Eventing

The Cross Country Course is part of equestrian eventing and an endurance test for both horse and rider. It is around two and three quarter to four miles long and should contain twenty-four to thirty-six obstacles. Advanced level cross country courses are ridden at an average speed of 570 mpm (meters per minute).

Skeleton of the horse - localriding.com

The Horse Skeleton & how your horse is put together

The horses skeleton provides support for its muscles; protection for the horse’s internal organs; and has enough mobility built into its various parts that the horse can move smoothly at differing speeds and still lie down, graze or do both at the same time.

Horse Hoof & Foot Care - hdr

The Horse Hoof and Equine Foot Care

Professional fully qualified farriers know more about the horse hoof and equine foot than any other individual. As a horse owner you should understand how your horses’ feet function and what you can do to keep them healthy. But, when it comes to care you should always seek the advice of a qualified farrier

Fun Horse Facts - hdr

Horse Facts – fun & interesting equine information

Our horse facts are a collection of interesting and fun equine Information. Learning basic horse facts and figures as well as the more fun and interesting ones is often placed on the back burner or never considered important because horse owners are far too busy doing horse stuff. Knowing a few equine facts though, can help when you least expect it.

Traditional English Symbols - hdr

English Symbols & Traditional Images of England

The English rose is a traditional heraldic emblem of England and it takes its name and origins from the Tudor dynasty. Other English symbols & images, like the George Cross, the Union Flag, the palace of Westminster and others have similar historic or heraldic significance

Horse Rriding in England - map of English Counties

Horse Riding in England

England & horse friendly English equestrian counties provide excellent access to good trail riding and superb equestrian events. A rich network of bridleways allows for pleasant all year round trail riding, hacking or a daily gallop

About Scotland - Edinburgh Castle

About Scotland & Riding in Scotland

A few notes on Sottish history, Scottish heritage and the stunning Scottish landscape. Knowing a little about Scotland before you ride there will help increase your enjoyment of riding in Scotland

Riding in Scottish Equestrian Counties - Lanarkshire

Horse Riding in Scottish Equestrian Counties

Scotlands spectacular scenery and superb network of bridleways and rural trails are tailor-made for horse riders of all abilities. Riding in Scottish Equestrian Counties is truly an experience you will remember always

Scottish Symbols - The Lion Rampant Flag

Scottish Symbols & Images of Scotland

There are many instantly recognisable Scottish symbols. Flags images and historic monuments known the World over that have come to represent Scotland and everything it is to be Scottish