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It's Your Horse Riding Equestrian Reference

It's about You and Your Horse and what you like to do together

It's about good local equestrian suppliers; tack shops, riding schools, riding clubs and equestrian centres.

Cross Country Jumping - Osberton Horse Trials

It's a unique horse riding and equestrian website exploring the wealth of local equestrian facilities in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK and USA.

It's a free, online equestrian resource, for you and your horse.

Local Riding is all about horse riding

It's an equestrian community for local riders and what they like to do with their horse.

It's about showing off and letting other equestrians know how you're doing and how you do it. is about horse health, horse riding tips, horse care and finding good quality horse stuff, easily.

Horse Health Advice

Horse Health Advice
Essential horse health advice. Covering your horse's hoof, worms & worming. Lameness, laminitis, navicular and the horses breathing & digestion

Horse Training Tips

Oldcotes - Whittaker Jumping
Today, almost anyone can own a horse, and most people can learn to ride given a bit of time, yet too few people seem to have any interest in training their horse.

Horse Shows

Horse Shows Icon
A Calendar of Horse Shows & Equestrian Events Organised by date and venue with full search features to help you find equestrian events in your area


The first major showjump competitions were held in England during HOYS in 1907. Since then showjumping has become one of the most popular riding disciplines

Dressage Riding

Dressage Riding
Today dressage riding is the fastest growing equestrian sport. It's no longer unfashionable and dressage training is the basis for all other equestrian sports

Equestrian Eventing

Event Riding
The first modern eventing competition was held at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm. Now equestrian eventing is watched the world over

Equestrian Blog Latest:

Riding in England

England - Horse Riding & English Horses
Local riders trail riding through the beautiful English countryside or competing in local horse shows or dressage, showjumping or eventing competitions

Riding in Scotland

Scotland - Horse Riding at Lomondside
Scottish Equestrian Facilities and the pleasure of riding horses in Scotland. From horse riding holidays & trail riding in the highlands, to riding schools and pony clubs

Riding in Wales

Wales - Horse Riding in Radnorshire
Welsh Equestrian Facilities and the wonderful riding in Wales. From horse riding holidays & trail riding in the Brecon Beacons, to riding schools and equesstrian centres

Riding in the USA

USA - Horse Riding
Horseback riding in the USA can be the most enjoyable and relaxing way to get back to nature or it can be the most competitive sport imaginable. Pick your state and enjoy.

Local Rider Horse Photos:

A selection of our photos of horse riders competing in equestrian events or just doing what they love to do with their horse's